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Would you like to read four stunning stories - four really great but very different stories? Then your wish is my command.

Vladimir Nabokov, author of
the brilliant novel Lolita.

Here's four of eBookTrove's best reads and they are yours for free. They are in the PDF format so you can download them onto just about anything that's, well, computerised (for want of a better word).

No, they are not new books but they are by very gifted authors who really knew how to tell a story, and how to tell it brilliantly.

Disparate is a useful description here because they truly are. You'll see some common ground between the two Jane Austen novels, but Lolita and Silas Marner could hardly be less similar.

Less similar, but for the telling of the tale, the writing. These authors - as you doubtlessly know - are far from modern fads. These are ace writers with ace stories to tell.

Stand by to be transported to very different worlds. The stories are here:
JaneAusten: Sense and Sensibility.pdf
JaneAusten: Persuasion.pdf
Silas Marner.pdf

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